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By Sheridyn Fisher


plant based life HARDCOVER BOOK AND E-book 

Plant Based Life - Hard Cover and eBook

A heart project to sharing Plant Based meals ideas and Plant Based basic Nutritional guide and awareness.


The Hard Cover and e-book feature:


- 80 + Plant Based Meals & Green Smoothies Ideas (Raw and cooked)


- Colour photography by Sheridyn Fisher and contributing photographer's Kyle Brennan, Neil Dixon, Sam Evans, David Ross, Emma Attard.


- Basic Plant Based Nutritional guide. Includes information on Plant based Protein, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Essential Vitamins and Minerals with additional information about the benefits of Antioxidants and more.


- Meditation

- Mindfulness and Self Love

- Tips on Eating out Plant Based


- Natural Facemasks

- Eco Friendly Products and tips


For our latest recipes, news and more!


2022 the year ofMindful Eating  

Make 2022 a year of mindful eating and enjoy all the delicious Vegan Recipes in the Plant Based Life eBook. 

Vegan Recipes | Plant Based Life

Plant Based Featured Recipe - Super BuddhaBowl

Tempeh Buddha Bowls, with sunflower sprout, mushrooms, broccoli, Roased Cashews, Tahini Dressing, Super Salad, Lemon Quinoa.

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