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Mindful eating - a passage from Plant based Life


noun: mindfulness

1. 1.

The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

The concept of eating “mindfully” is to eat with an understanding and awareness of all who are involved when it comes to food choices. Eating “mindfully” to me means being conscious of the who, and the what, how and why’s of the food on our plate.


Who is involved, what did they go through, how did it affect them and why is it happening? Once you start to ask the first three questions you can begin to understand the why. I believe if it is not an answer that is based on love, then that answer needs the chance to be challenged and, upon review, changed if a kinder, more unified solution exists. This gives us the opportunity to make an informed, conscious personal choice to contribute to the creation of a kinder and more balanced world for all.

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