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Why we love Avocados!

AVOCADOS 🌿 Stocking up on Organic Avocados from the farmers Markets yesterday. I LIVE on avocados, I can not go a day without them! They have to be one of my favorite fruits. I have atleast one avocado a day, I put them in my morning smoothies, salads, make dressing with them, have them on my toast with lemon and even by themselves with a bit of cracked pepper. They are so important especially during pregnancy because they are a great natural source of Folate. (One-half of an avocado provides approximately 20% of the daily-recommended intake for folate.) Folate is also extremely important for pregnant women and healthy babies. Adequate intake of folate protects against miscarriage and neural tube defects. Recent research has also shown that a father's folate status before conception may be just as important. Another benefit of foods like avocados with high levels of folate is a lowered risk of depression.

Avocados are a "super food" and their benefits to the entire body (especially for pregnant women and babies) is incredible. They are full of the good "healthy fats" the body needs and numerous studies studies show that eating avocados has powerful beneficial effects on overall health and wellbeing.

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